La Porta Rossa Turinís Top Seafood and Fish Restaurant


Our Restaurant is located in the core center of the town, close to Piazza Statuto (Statuto Square) and Via Garibaldi (Garibaldi Street), one of the longest Europe promenades as well as one of the Turin main commercial street.

How to reach La Porta Rossa Restaurant:

From Milano-Torino motorway: At the first traffic light, located at the end of the motorway, turn right in Corso Vercelli (Vercelli main street) , until you reach Piazza Crispi (Crispi Square).
Once you reach Piazza Crispi, turn right in Corso Vigevano (Vigevano main sreet).
Drive along Corso Vigevano until the end, taking care not to turn on the flyover.
At that point turn left in Corso Principe Oddone (Principe Oddone main street) and go straight ahead until Piazza Statuto (Statuto Square).

From Piacenza-Torino highway (motorway): Entering Turin take Corso Trieste (Trieste main street), which later takes the name of Massimo D’Azeglio main street and go straight on until its end.
Now turn left in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II; drive along Corso Vittorio Emanuele II until Corso Inghilterra (Inghilterra main street).
Turn right in Corso Inghilterra and go straight on to Statuto square.

From the orbital road: Take the junction “Torino – Corso Francia”.
Go straight on following “Centro” direction (city centre), and take Corso Francia (Francia main street).
Drive along Corso Francia until its end which is in Piazza Statuto (Statuto square).